Sunday, May 5, 2013

Victorian Heart Head Wrap/Scarf

Item #124.
Starting Bid: $10.
Head wrap donated by Eco Shag.
Shipping: $3 to be paid by winning bidder.
Deep oxblood red flowers and leaves sit atop a grayish green background making for one rich head scarf. It has an amazing antique quality to of the reasons I love it so much! Wear it as a neck bow, head wrap, sash, fabric belt, turban, or skinny scarf! Effortless style, just throw it on and go. Literally.

The stretchy fabric is a knit blend with a moderate amount of texture. Sewn with a double layer, it has no raw edges or open seams, and is handmade to last a lifetime.

The Details:

- Length - approximately 61”
- Width - approximately 5" (10" circumference)
- Color - Victorian Floral motif
- Material - Knit blend
- Hand wash cold, hang dry


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