How to Play

  • Bidding will open Monday May 6th at 6am (EST) and close Sunday May 12th at 11:59pm (EST).
  • All items and packages are posted individually with photos, descriptions, and minimum bids.
  • For your convenience, you can search for items by category. Labels are listed on the right sidebar.
  • You will need a Paypal account to play along.
  • In order to bid, you will need to leave a comment on the item. Each BID comment must include your amount and Paypal email address for it to be valid. No amount or email address? No bid for you.
  • Bids must be made in whole dollar amounts. (E.g., if you are trying to outbid an amount of $5, you will have to bid at least $6).
  • There will be a starting bid on each item, and you may not bid below that amount.
  • There is no limit to the number of times you can bid on any one item while bids remain open. 
  • Shipping varies per item. Please read carefully as some donors will be covering the shipping amount and in some cases the winning bidder will be responsible.
  • Winners will receive a Paypal invoice via email. Payments will be made to a secure site, and items will be shipped after payment has been received.
Questions? Contact me at lindsy DOT wallace AT gmail DOT com


  1. There is no other way to bid besides paypal? I've never had a paypal account,and don't plan on getting one... If something isn't bid on, would you consider selling it after the auction?

  2. Hi LeAnne! Thanks so much for your interest! Due to the volume of items we have been gifted with, I need to keep it simple with one method of payment. If there's an item you are interested in and it is not bid on I would consider making arrangements after the auction is over. Check back with me!


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