Thursday, May 9, 2013

Photo Shoot and Print Credit

Item #16.
Starting Bid: $175
Photo session donated by Lizzie Lou Photography.
Louisville bidders only please.

This listing includes a one hour shoot and a $150 print credit.

Tiny toes. Shy whispers. The way he twirls your hair when you rock him to sleep. The tight hold she has on her Daddy’s pinky.
All family sessions, from maternity through sweet sixteen celebrations are relaxed and custom. Your kids won’t want it to end, you might even find yourself asking me to stay for dinner. And not just because your kids participated in my red light, green light antics, but because we’ve all fallen in love with one another.
Before your session even begins, we will begin with a consultation, either in the studio or over the telephone. We will discuss potential locations, the style of your home, your expectations for the session and the personality of your family. All of these things are most important as we work to create art for your home and family. During this time we will discuss what to wear, what to bring and any other questions you may have. I strongly believe that the more prepared we are, the more comfortable your whole experience can be.
As for the session, we’ll choose a time of day that works best for all of your personalities and gives us gorgeous light, usually in the beginning or end of the day. We’ll be photographing somewhere that is meaningful; your home, the park, your parent’s pasture, the nursery and we’ll chat all things dreamy and wondrous together. I don’t want you uncomfortable for a second, so we play in your space from the get go. You’ll sit there in the grass while I joke over here about our favorite candy, the baby’s name or the way we each hold our breath underwater.
We’ll shoot for an hour or more. We stop for snacks, we make a grass stain here and there from playing tag and then we all pile up on the grass to give grandma the image she wants to cherish on her bookshelf. At the close of your session we make your ordering appointment and double check to be sure we’ve gotten everything documented that defines your family right now.
It would be our pleasure to document your life!

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