Sunday, May 5, 2013

Teal Peacock Chevron Wallet

Item #141.
Starting Bid: $10.
Wallet donated by Rigmarole.
Shipping donated by Rigmarole.
All of our vinyl wallets are handmade and sewn together using pattered paper and heavy-duty clear vinyl.

This Bifold wallet:
♦ measures 4.25 x 3.25” (when closed) and 6.75x4.25” (when opened)
♦ fastens with a single metal snap.
♦ includes a six page plastic insert for holding all of your credit cards, business cards, store savings cards and even photographs
♦ has a single pocket on the right side that houses the plastic insert with plenty of room behind to fit cash or extra cards
♦ has two pockets on the left side: a patterned pocket for cash or extra cards and a clear pocket for displaying your id. (The id slot has a circle punched out so it’s easy to slide your id in and out when needed.)
♦ and because we know you need even MORE space for all of those pesky cards, there is an additional pocket on the outside!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the patterns of the paper, the pattern placement on your vinyl wallet may differ from the picture. (i.e. - characters or animals on the wallet may be in different places on the wallet.)

Please keep in mind that our wallets are simply patterned paper covered in vinyl and sewn together with nylon thread. If you overstuff your wallet, packing a single card slot full of cards or overstuffing of any kind, it can break. When using our wallets appropriately they will last. (If you need a wallet that can house more than one credit card per slot consider our single snap bifold wallet with the plastic book insert.) When cleaning we recommend only surface cleaning with a damp cloth.


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