Saturday, May 4, 2013

Reusable Snack Bags

Item #4.
Starting Bid: $8.
Snack Bags donated by Urban Hen.
Shipping: $3 to be paid by winning bidder.

Reusable sandwich bags are a practical method in which you can safely store and transport your sandwiches. Each eco friendly sandwich bag is handmade in the USA, using a designer cotton on the exterior and lined with a water-resistant, food safe nylon. Our items contain no PVC, no Phthalate, no BPA, and no Lead.

How to Clean
♥ Wash after each use;
♥ Machine Wash - Use Gentle-Cycle and line dry;

Made with a designer cotton fabric on the outside and a nylon lining for the inside, which is water and stain resistant. A generous strip of Velcro that runs the entire opening of the bag -- keeping your goodies securely inside.


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