Sunday, May 5, 2013

Furry Baby Boots

Item #102.
Starting Bid: $12.
Boots donated by Oh Lollipop Designs.
Shipping donated by Oh Lollipop Designs.
These baby boots are made with a mix of furry and soft fabric and feature leather detailing. They are finished off with a delicate white flower. A generous velcro strip is sewn into the flap.
All shoes are handsewn and have no visible seams. This means a neat and professional finish with no threads for little toes to get tangled in. A sizing tag is neatly placed in the seam of the inner sole of one shoe.
They are available in size 2-5 (3-6 mths to 12-18 mths) Winning bidder chooses their preferred size.

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  1. so cute for a gift!!


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